Who we are

STERIGAM s.r.l. is located in Correggio (Reggio Emilia), Italy.

From the beginning, the ambition of the company's management has been to launch a new line of equipment entirely designed and produced by its staff.
Presented on the market under the brand name STERIGAM S.R.L.

STERIGAM production is mainly addressed to operators, enterprises and large companies operating in the agribusiness, sports, beauty, hospital, pharmaceutical. Being a young company, STERIGAM, enjoys the benefits of youth: dynamism, flexibility, desire to improve, modern views, the desire to meet the challenges and market demands. These features, combined with considerable experience in the field of electrical, allowed STERIGAM become in few years a leader in the Italian market and abroad.

The Keywords are: Technology, Quality and Service.

The policy of STERIGAM is based on a few highlights and indispensable: advanced technology, high quality, efficient service to customers.
Recreational STERIGAM, designed by a highly skilled, are produced with high quality materials and conform to European standards, using modern production technologies. Much attention has been given to the line with innovative designs and colors to allow the user to place the equipment in any environment, from the most elegant and refined to the more sober and functional.

STERIGAM manufacturing devices "ATOMISERS” for cleaning and sanitizing the hands,feet, shoes, and footwear.

STERIGAM successfully distributes the Italian market and recently has focused mainly on foreign markets. The areas in which we want to spread the brand more STERIGAM are Europe (EEC and Eastern European countries). STERIGAM currently operates on international markets in countries such as the USA, Australia, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, India, etc. and the customers fall in the different areas mentioned above.
In order to promote its products on the international market.